Sunday, 20 May 2012


Light graffiti is a somewhat closed trade. Only a select few have the equipment, time and know-how required to pull it off, so why not broaden the possible audience through the social connection of video games? Enter Lights, Camera DANCE! Traditional light graffiti can be difficult to set it up, and let’s be honest, expensive too! So why not refine the space to the magic circle of a video game? Our goal has been to create a new yet simple setup that enables anyone to join in the fun of light based art, with some dancing on the side. Everyone loves to dance, and everyone loves to create beautiful pieces of artwork, so why not combine them into play? We have found that the two marry together very well; and create an engaging and social game experience. Players are particularly enthusiastic about the fun of painting art that cannot provide immediate feedback as it is created. It adds a level of mystery as you play! We conclude that this new union between video games and conventional art presents a fantastic avenue that can be further explored in the years to come.

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