Thursday, 17 May 2012

New & Final Concept

Lights, Camera, DANCE!
"Lights, Camera, DANCE!" is a new radical gam,e based mainly around play, involving physical movements, light batons and long exposure photography. Two players stand in front of a camera holding one baton covered with LED lights each. Behind them is a projection of what the camera can see. Each player dances to music while the camera take long exposure photographs. The two players paint light graffiti while they dance! The players artwork is then saved and uploaded to the internet.

Our game is novel because it incorporates the use of physical movement through dancing, and social interaction through teamwork to create digital art in the form of light graffiti. This digital element has players painting art, without actually seeing what they have done until the photo is projected.

The contribution  of "Lights, Camera, DANCE!" is that it demostrates creating art using lights and photography can also be a game, and becomes a much more social experience with the application of proper technology.

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