Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Bicycle Joust
A new two-player competitive augmented reality game in which players compete like the horse-mounted knights of old in one-on-one jousting armed with bicycles and Wii remotes. Each players sit atop a bicycle rigged to accurately measure your approximate acceleration and velocity. Players wield their Wii remote jousts and attempt to build enough speed and strike the opposing player with enough "force" to knock them off their bicycle, thus winning the match. Suited for arcades, players would wear a headset which projects an augmented game view on top of their actual surroundings, telling them their speed and point of impact on the opposing player. The game is over when one player successfully knocks the other off 3 times.

-Bicycle Joust is novel because it combines real world physical objects such as a bicycle and Wii remote, receiving input from them and feeds it into the augmented reality headset, creating a more complete and rounded game experience, rather than simply projecting digital elements into real world space.

-Bicycle Joust demonstrates game systems can be created using the input from real world objects, fed through an augmented reality interface and then to the player to create richer play experiences.

Technical Issues:
-Our plan is to produce a video demonstrating how the game would be played and constructed, while also producing a physical non-working prototype (i.e. a bicycle) that players are able to look at for further understanding.

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